10 Best Hairstyles for Plus Size Women Over 40

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A traditional bob haircut, chin-length or longer, is ageless and attractive.

Classic Bob: 

Choose a layered pixie cut for volume and texture in a short, elegant style.

Layered Pixie: 

Long, face-framing layers lengthen the neck and flatter the profile.

Long Layers: 

Gentle shoulder-length waves can seem beautiful and calm.

Waves at shoulders:

A confident, stylish curly bob showcases your natural curls.

Curly Bob: 

An asymmetrical hairstyle with one side longer than the other is stylish and edgy.

Asymmetrical Cut: 

A short shag hairstyle with layers and structure can make you look young and carefree.

Short Shag: 

A blunt cut with bangs frames your face and looks elegant and polished.

Bangs-blunt cut: 

A sleek, straight long bob is trendy and classy.

Sleek Long Bob: 

Side-swept bangs soften and compliment your features.

Side-swept bangs: 

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