10 Curly Shag Haircuts That Will Make Your Coils Pop

Scribbled Underline

 A headband or hairband adds fun and style to your curly shag.

Headband-Curly Shag

Retro curls or waves give your curly shag a glossy, nostalgic look.

Retro Curly Shag

An undercut or shaved sides give your curly shag a bold look.

Undercut Curly Shag

 To look boho and free-spirited, add feathery bangs to your curly shag.

 Feathered Bangs

Curly shags at bob height look balanced and pleasing.

 Long Bob Curly Shag

A side-parted curly shag is attractive and refined.

 Side-Part Curly Shag

For a romantic look, add fringe or curtain bangs to a curly shag.

 Fringed Curly Shag

 Use a curly shag haircut to highlight your natural curls.

 Natural Curly Shag

A vibrant undercolor gives your curly shag a fashionable, contrasted look.

Undercolored Curly Shag:

For a carefree, artistic look, style your curly shag with loose curls and boho flare.

 Boho Curly Shag

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