10 Elevated Fall Porch Decor Ideas To Try This Fall

Encourage Mixing And Mingling

If you expect to host many guests this fall, make your front porch an extension of your kitchen or dining area, where people hang around.

Illuminate Your Entry

Everything looks better in candlelight. There's just something about soft, flickering flames that add a romantic and slightly eerie touch to a fall front porch.

Cozy Lounge

Nothing's better than a crisp fall afternoon spent bundled up a warm cup of cider and a good book

Encourage Leaf Peeping

Fall is about outdoor fun before winter hibernation. Put plenty of chairs outside to encourage fresh-air relaxing.

Pile On The Pumpkins

One or two pumpkins are great—but 10 or 20 are even better. For a statement-making porch this season, go big with your pumpkin display.

Statement Blooms

If your property has an all-white façade, add a dash of color for fall. Fill two large containers with seasonal orange or brown plants.

Incorporate A Cheeky Touch

Instead of going for a jump scare with your fall porch decor, aim for laughs by having a bit of playful fun with skeletons.

Lean Into Orange

It's no secret that orange is the MVP color of fall, so going bold with juicy pops of the hue is a great way to usher your exterior into the season.

Layer Tablecloths

For an easy seasonal upgrade, dress your porch dining table with two tablecloths that are reminiscent of the season.

Repurpose Summer Florals

Metallic floral wreaths look great with dried hydrangeas. We adore how the latter adds blooms and revives summer favorites sustainably.

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