10 Exceptionally Stylish Curly Hairstyles for Women

Create a romantic, ethereal waterfall braid with your curly hair.

Curly waterfall braid: 

Crown braid your head to show off your curly hair elegantly.

Braided Curly Crown: 

Pigtail your curls for a youthful look.

Curly Pigtails: 

Decorate your curly hair with a headband or hairpiece.

Curly Headband

Space buns with curly hair are stylish and amusing.

Curly Space Buns: 

Add definition and volume to your natural curl pattern with a twist-out.

Curl Twist: 

A mohawk haircut with braids creates an edgy curly hairstyle.

Curly Mohawk: 

Curly bangs can be swept to the side to frame your face.

Swept Bangs: 

A curling mohawk and ponytail make a statement.

Curly Ponytail: 

Choose a tapered haircut that highlights your curls and shortens the sides.


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