10 Gorgeous Inverted Bob Haircuts For Women

As expected, the short inverted bob with an undercut is sweeping the globe. Keep your undercut black and tint your hair a contrasting blonde to make it pop.

1. Short Inverted Bob with Undercut

Chunky white highlights provide a twist to black hair. Black and white offer you a sophisticated look for any occasion. A spray of hairspray makes an inverted bob spectacular.

2. Zebra Inverted Bob

The short inverted bob for straight hair makes me think of summer. An inverted short bob gives you the edgy look you want without neck hair.

3. Short Inverted Bob for Straight Hair

If you adore chocolate for any occasion and want to experiment with straight hair, try this inverted bob! This reminds me of the shiny cake frosting that attracts onlookers.

4. Dark Chocolate Inverted Bob

Shaggy and wavy are narrowly different. The volumized curly ends of this inverted bob suit most faces. Ideal for college or businesswomen!

5. Shaggy Bob

Looking for a way to upgrade your style daily and seem fresh and edgy? If you like drama, this is ‘the one’! Luckily, retro hairstyles like high volume curls are trending again.

6. Vintage Curled Inverted Bob

This timeless asymmetrical haircut gives every women a new appearance, regardless of age, career, or personality. End waves provide volume and richness to hair.

7.  Asymmetrical Wavy Inverted Bob

This elegant copper tint may satisfy your redhead dreams and give you a refined style. The rear layers enhance dense hair, while the front hair is thinned to frame the face in this bob.

8. Red  Inverted  Bob

You may like candy floss hair dyeing. With pink, channel your inner kid with a sloppy, sassy appearance. Messy yet chic: choppy layers and disheveled hair with hairspray.

9. Messy Inverted Bob

Choose a chocolate brown ombre with a dark top and light bottom. The many chocolate hues combine wonderfully and provide complexity and sparkle.

10. French Curled Inverted Bob

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