10 Luscious Strawberry Blonde Balayage Ideas for 2023

Get a natural, sun-kissed look with a warm strawberry blonde base and subtle balayage highlights.

Classic Strawberry

A flawless balayage will gradually change strawberry blonde roots to blonde tips.

Strawberry Blonde

Add complexity and richness to strawberry blonde hair with caramel highlights.

Caramel Balayage: 

A delicate balayage of rose gold gives strawberry blonde hair a stylish and romantic appeal.

Gold Balayage: 

Honey blonde highlights give strawberry blonde hair a breezy look.

Honey Balayage:

Balayage highlights from strawberry blonde to deep copper make a powerful statement.

Copper Balayage: 

Peachy balayage gives strawberry blonde hair a playful look.

Peach Balayage: 

For a natural look, combine strawberry blonde and light brown balayage.

Brown Balayage: 

Light balayage highlights give strawberry blonde hair a fun pink flare.

Pink Balayage: 

With flaming balayage, turn strawberry blonde into reddish.

Auburn Balayage:

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