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10 Messy Pixie Cut Looks Full of Natural Charm

Yellow Flower

A trendy, edgy messy pixie has texture and a delicate undercut.

Subtle Undercut Messy 

Accept your gray hair with a silver messy pixie for a stylish look.

Pixie Silver

Wear pigtails with your pixie cut for a youthful look.

 Untidy Pigtail

Make a sloppy pixie fake hawk for a striking look.

Faux Hawk

 Add bohemian braids to your untidy pixie for a quirky look.

Ruffled Bohemian

Add texture and volume to your sloppy pixie cut with layers and movement.

 Tangled Pixie

Texture and side undercut provide a unique looking style.


Pull untidy bangs to the side to frame your face.

 Dirty Side-Swept 

Style your pixie cut's front layers upward to create false bangs for a fun look.

 Fake Bangs

 Make your disheveled pixie appear natural and appealing with bohemian hairpins, clips, or beads.

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