10 Obvious Signs You're In A "Passing The Time" Relationship

Lack of Future Planning:

Your partner shows little interest in making plans for the future together, such as discussing long-term goals, moving in together, or making commitments.

Limited Communication About Feelings:

Communication is surface-level, and discussions about emotions or the state of the relationship are avoided or minimized.

Infrequent Quality Time:

Spending quality time together is infrequent or feels routine, lacking the excitement or effort seen in more invested relationships.

Absence of Introductions:

Your partner avoids introducing you to important people in their life, such as family or close friends.

Limited Support During Challenges:

In difficult times, your partner may not offer the emotional support or help that is expected in a more serious relationship.

No Effort to Understand:

There's a lack of interest in understanding each other's daily lives, goals, or personal interests.

Inconsistent Communication:

Communication is sporadic, and your partner may not prioritize keeping in touch or updating you on their life.

Avoidance of Relationship Labels:

Your partner is hesitant or outright unwilling to label the relationship, keeping it in ambiguous territory.

Little Investment in Shared Experiences:

Creating shared memories or experiences is not a priority, and your partner may not be interested in building a history together.

Indifference to Your Well-being:

There's a lack of genuine concern for your well-being, and your partner may not go out of their way to ensure your happiness or comfort.


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