10 Octopus Haircut Ideas to Help You Make a Statement

For drama and asymmetry, sweep your tendrils one way.

Side-swept Octopus

For an elegant look, add vintage curls or waves to your octopus cut.

Vintage Octopus

To highlight the octopus tentacles, add volume to your crown.

 Octopus with High Volume

 Feathered layers give your octopus hairstyle a feminine look.

Feather Octopus

 To stand out, choose bright or pastel hair colors.

 Bright and Bold

 Spike your tendrils for a punk-inspired octopus cut.

 Octopus Short and Spicy

Add drama and boldness with an octopus cut and mohawk center.

 Mohawk Octopus

Create complicated, sculptural structures using octopus tentacles for art.

Octopus Sculpture

Arrange your tendrils in geometric designs for a futuristic, abstract look.

 Octopus Geometry

A neat and accurate octopus haircut requires blunt, consistent tendrils.

 Octopus Blunted

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