10 Reasons Why You Should Skip The Dog Park - Warning!

1. Not supervising kids

First, really think about whether or not you should bring your kids. That's not a good idea in many ways. Dogs can get excited about food when kids squeal or move quickly.

2. Putting strollers, chairs and other items in the middle of the fields

3. Bringing human food

You should bring people food to the dog park if you want to see a bunch of dogs sitting and looking at a person.

4. Feeding someone else's dog

Very, very bad. People who bring a baggie of treats to share probably mean well, but it's rude to feed someone else's dog without their permission.

5. Bringing dog-aggressive dogs to the dog park to socialize them

6. Bringing fearful dogs to the dog park to socialize them

7. Giving out training advice

Everyone knows everything, right? Not really. But some people at dog parks think they know everything just because they have a dog.

8. Letting a dog walker take your dog to a dog park without spying on them to make sure they know what they're doing.

9. Blaming the breed for bad behavior

These problems don't just happen at dog parks; many of us are guilty of blaming the breed instead of the dog for certain habits.

10. Forcing your dog to play

I've seen dogs that don't want to play and are trying really hard to tell their owner that they just want to sit there or leave get told over and over to go play.