10 timeless black eyeliner looks to recreate

Classic Cat Eye:

Apply a thin line along the lash line, extending it into a subtle wing at the outer corner of the eye for a classic cat-eye look.


Apply black eyeliner to the upper waterline to define the eyes without an obvious line. This enhances the lash line and adds subtle intensity.

Smokey Eyes:

Apply black eyeliner along the upper and lower lash lines, then smudge it out with a smudging brush for a sultry and smokey eye look.

Double Winged Liner:

Create a traditional winged liner and add a smaller wing just below it for a unique and bold double-winged effect.

Graphic Liner:

Experiment with graphic shapes and lines, such as extended wings or geometric designs, for a modern and artistic black eyeliner look.

Lower Lash Line Emphasis:

Apply black eyeliner to the lower lash line for a dramatic and defined look. You can smudge it out or keep it sharp depending on your preference.

Floating Crease Liner:

Apply black liner slightly above the crease, creating a floating liner effect. This avant-garde look can add depth and dimension to your eye makeup.

Puppy Eyes:

Instead of the classic cat eye, turn the wing downwards for a cute and subtle "puppy eyes" look that lifts and elongates the eyes.

Dotted Liner:

Create a line of dots along your upper lash line for a playful and unique eyeliner look.

Gradient Liner:

Apply a thin line of black eyeliner along the outer corner, gradually thickening it as you move towards the inner corner. This creates a subtle gradient effect.

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