10 Trendy Short Spiky Haircuts for Women Over 60

Enjoy your natural gray hair with a trendy spiky haircut.

Gray Spiky Hair: 

Layered pixie cuts with spikes give texture and style.

Spiked Pixie Layers: 

Your spiky hairstyle looks lively and youthful with choppy layers.

Choppy Spiky Layers: 

Short spikes are elegant and low-maintenance.

Sweet Spikes

Choose red tones for your spiky hairstyle for warmth and emphasis.

Red Spiky Hair: 

Balance and refine your spiky pixie by gradually tapering the sides.

Short Spiky Pixie: 

Choose a silvery spiky haircut for a modern and stylish look.

Slim, Silver Spikes: 

Textured spiked crops are stylish and lively.

Spike-Textured Crop:

Bold spikes and a short hairstyle express confidence.

Short Spiky Haircut: 

A faux hawk-inspired spiky hairstyle is daring and edgy.

Fake Hawk: 

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