10Easy Hacks to Stop Dog Paw Mud, Dirt, and Tracks

Maintain Grooming

Having long pet hair can make mud stick to it. And if you don't clean your dog properly, hair that grows between the pads of its paws can easily trap mud and other dirt.

Build a Cleaning Station

You can make a pet cleaning station as fancy or easy as you like. But the size will depend on where in the house your pet usually comes in. 

Keep a Towel by the Door

The easiest and fastest way to clean off a dirty pet is with a towel. Rover says that microfiber towels are better than cotton towels because they soak up more water.

Train Your Pet to Wipe Their Own Paws

First, let's say that training pets won't always work. You are the only one who can decide if teaching your pet to clean their own paws is worth the time. 

Set Up Pet Fences

Pet fences work indoors or outdoors. A fence prevents a muddy pet from entering a room with carpet or other places that are difficult to clean.

Install Artificial Grass

Putting down a fake lawn might seem like a big step, but it keeps the mud away because there isn't any dirt under the grass. 

Fix Muddy Spots

That's fine, you don't want to replace the whole grass. Instead, the next time it rains or the ground is wet, take your dog or cat outside and look at where they're tracking mud from.

Try Pet Shoes

Your furry friend will almost certainly hate them, but pet shoes can be put on and taken off just like human shoes.

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