11 Great February Costco Deals

Keurig K-Cup Pods

Costco helps coffee lovers fuel their mornings. The warehouse club is discounting 100-count boxes of Keurig K-Cup pods by $10 online and in-store, lowering the price to $36.99.

Kodiak Power Cakes Waffle/Flapjack Mix

Fresh pancakes or waffles start the day like nothing else. Your morning breakfast can taste sweeter with a Costco discount.

Triple Zero Nonfat Greek Yogurt

Your favorite breakfast item is now cheaper. This 18-count Oikos variety pack include strawberry, mixed berry, and vanilla.

Tyson Crispy Chicken Strips

You should also choose this three-pound bag of Tyson Crispy Chicken Strips for simple meals. Now $10.49 with a $4.50 warehouse discount.

Vegetable Spring Rolls Bibigo

Costco has many ready-to-heat appetizers, including Bibigo's Vegetable Spring Rolls, for Super Bowl parties.

Cape Cod Low-Fat Potato Chips

Want chips to go with your favorite dip? Costco's warehouse-only discount on Cape Cod Reduced Fat Kettle Potato Chips is $3 off.

Last Mini Fruit Bars

That's It is a nutritious, portable snack. Mini Fruit Bars may work for you. Each 24-count variety pack contains eight strawberry, mango, and blueberry bars. 

Mineral Water S. Pellegrino

Sparkling water lovers, rejoice. S. Pellegrino Mineral Water 24-count containers are discounted at Costco to replenish your fridge.

Mint Chocolate Chip Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars

It became sweeter for mint chocolate chip enthusiasts. Yasso's mint chocolate chip-flavored frozen Greek yogurt bars are currently $7.99 at Costco after a $4 reduction.


Whether on a sandwich or in a dip, mayo is a culinary staple. Now Costco consumers can get this condiment at $3 off.

Annie's Organic Mac & Cheese

For a quick lunch, boxed mac & cheese can save the day. A warehouse-only $5 deal lets you get a 12-count Annie's Organic Mac & Cheese variety pack for $17.49 for these occasions.