60 Seconds Health Tips

Olive oil moisturizes lips, coconut oil moisturizes bodies, and argan oil moisturizes faces.

Oil Your Skin

Just one minute a day to write down your blessings will increase your well-being.

Be Thankful

Our brains and bodies are mostly water. Water is crucial for physical and mental health, so drink enough daily.

Keep Hydrated

Fungal infections can arise in nails, especially feet. Use a warm compress and mashed garlic clove to kill the illness.

Use Garlic

If you always clear your plate, you may be overeating. This is not to encourage waste—use the leftovers for your next dinner!

No Need To Clear Your Plate

People who are too hungry to wait make lousy food choices. Shrimp is low in fat, high in protein, and cooks quickly from frozen.

Store Prawns In Freezer

This applies especially if you use a computer all day. Stretch your wrists every hour.

Wrist Exercise

For tension relief, massage your thumb-index finger area with your other hand. Indeed, it works!