7 Best Mood Boosting Interior Colors

The happiest color for your home is yellow.Yellow, often linked with sunshine and outdoors, boosts serotonin and makes people feel excited and healthy.


Orange is a warm, inviting color that gives any room confidence and charm. Decorating with it can overwhelm a place, so use it sparingly or with calmer colors.


Green tones represent balance and peace, making them a good color base.Make a kitchen backsplash with gentle green tiles or color your shower with green bathroom wall tiles.


Blue is typically utilized in bedrooms and baths to create a relaxing atmosphere.Design a bright blue kitchen with dark blue cabinetry and metallic accents. Pink


Pink inspires compassion and caring.Soft pinks bring elegance, while vibrant pinks inspire passion and romance.Avoid overusing bright pinks for a quieter atmosphere.


Offering a clean and fresh look, white can help a room feel more spacious and bright. It's versatile and can be paired with accent colors to create a mood-lifting effect.


This soft purple shade has a calming effect similar to blue, but with a warmer tone. It's great for bedrooms and bathrooms where relaxation is key.