7 Brilliant Jet Lag Remedies

Some of us like to celebrate before a trip, but if you need to start right away, stay in. Get an early night to reduce your sleep deficit while jet-lagged.

Don't Party The Night Before Flying

If you have difficulties sleeping on airplanes, melatonin tablets may assist. They don't work like tablets but signify sleep

Boost Hormones

Napping on long-haul flights reduces your sleep deficit the night of your arrival. But planning your naps is more successful than sleeping while you're exhausted. 

Schedule Your Snooze

Binge-watching new movies is the finest part about traveling, but limit yourself. Keep action movies for the start of your flight or when you wake up. Choose something relaxing before your snooze.

Choose Entertainment Carefully

Use your phone to check in, store an electronic boarding card, and create a jet lag plan. Jet Lag Rooster will propose a sleep schedule based on your trip to help you acclimate to your new time zone.

Prepare For Jet Lag

Exposure to light at the proper time helps alleviate jet lag. When you should be sleeping, switch off screens and close blinds. 

Correct Lighting

Some individuals enjoy beer and wine in flight, although it might impair sleep.

Avoid Alcohol

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