7 Creative Ways To Avoid Wasting Leftovers

Slow-cooked, juicy meat is the ultimate delight. It's a cheap way to add meat to salads, sandwiches, stews, and noodle soup.

Roast Beef Leftovers

Add leftover meat, beansprouts, and bok choy to a hot cup of soup. Aromatic spices with fresh chilli, lime, and coriander make it easy to assemble.

Beef Noodles Soup

Bolognese can be made with any mince, but beef or pork is most popular. It's commonly served with spaghetti, although there are alternative uses.

Leftover Bolognese

Reheat bolognese sauce and serve over tortilla chips with guacamole, jalapeños, and cheese. The perfect low-effort snack, it won't waste leftovers.

Piled Nachos

Reheat leftover bolognese and spoon into halved, deseeded peppers. A nutritious, light entrée is topped with grated cheese and grilled for 10 minutes.

Stuffed Peppers

 The key to making dumplings is to prepare lump-free mashed potato, season it, and mix with flour and knead. Gnocchi with thick tomato-basil sauce is delicious. 

Tomatoes And Basil Gnocchi

Comforting mashed potato goes with most meats, fish, and vegetables.Luckily, it can be turned into a new cuisine in minutes. Try potato gnocchi or smoked salmon fish cakes.

Leftover Mash