7 Foods That Can Prove Fatal


Oysters are traditionally served raw, shucked on the half shell with a good squeeze of lemon. However, they can spread vibriosis-causing bacteria and viruses.


One in 200 persons have peanut allergies, one of the most frequent worldwide. Most people can eat chicken satay and peanut butter, but individuals with allergies can die


Chicken is a popular meat, but improper handling and preparation can lead to contamination and health issues.


Eggs, along with potatoes, are highly versatile foods. They can also be harmful. Salmonella spreads when uncooked eggs are combined.


Studies show that rice, a staple meal, has more arsenic, a soil-borne cancer toxin, than many other crops. 


While the remainder of the plant contains cyanide, these deep purple berries may provide antioxidants.

Bitter Almonds

Almond essence, marzipan, and stollen are made from bitter almonds. Because they contain cyanide, eating them raw is deadly.