7 Indications Of Marriage Trouble

Relationships require communication. Poor communication with your relationship might be problematic. When was your last real talk with your partner?

No Communication

Feeling lonely with your partner may indicate a lack of intimacy. A common concern.

You Feel Lonely 

It's about establishing an emotional space where you and your spouse enjoy each other and feel seen, heard, and understood.

Emotional Space

Maintaining emotional connection between couples requires touch. Research suggests that couples who routinely touch one other have a stronger emotional attachment.

Absence Of Touch

Marriage is collaboration. If you and your spouse live on different planets with distinct friends, interests, and life stories, you may be missing out on pleasure and happiness.

Living Separately

When criticism is continuous and negative, it may indicate an unhappy marriage.

Constant Criticism

This is not about grandiose displays of love or continual attention. It is about the simple act of being acknowledged.

Not Seeing Or Hearing