7 Plants To Sow In January For An Early Crop

Basil is the perfect herb to grow from seed if you're a keen cook and enjoy serving fresh tomato dishes with an extra fragrant kick.


Sweet peas make ideal cut flowers, as many varieties are fragrant. Sow the seeds in 3-inch pots or seed trays, filled with seed compost mixed with 10% grit.

Sweet Peas

Broad beans are a fantastic plant for beginners, and kids and grandchildren will enjoy seeing the plants grow and gathering the crop.

Broad Beans

Although they take a long time to mature, starting parsnips early can lead to a successful harvest.


This leafy green can withstand cooler temperatures and can be sown in January for an early crop.


Starting onion and shallot seeds indoors in January can lead to an early summer harvest.

Onions And Shallots

These can be started indoors and planted out under cloches or in a greenhouse.

Lettuce And Salad Greens

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