7 Types Of Fences That Really Elevate Your Yard

Pine Fence

A pine fence is a great choice if you're on a budget. Pine costs less than cedar or redwood, and it's typically pressure treated to resist rot and pests

Chicken Wire Fence

If your main goal is keeping rabbits, deer, and other nibbling and burrowing pests out of your baby lettuces, radishes, and carrots, consider a chicken wire fence

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences do have a tell-tale shine that gives them away, but you might not mind because they're practically zero maintenance.

Teak Fence

Due to its durability, teak is used for everything outside. Teak fences, like teak outdoor furniture and decks, weather well, but they cost more than pine fences.

Pallet Fence

Pallets typically are made of wood leftover from manufacturing, which is knottier than wood used for furniture or even high-end fencing.

Painted Wood Fence

Choose a paint color that matches your home's exterior trim or front door, or go for a dreamy blue or even a stark black

Stone Fence

Stone walls give your property a sense of history and look especially beautiful in yards with multiple levels.