7 Types Of Mint To Grow In Your Garden

This is perhaps the most commonly grown mint. It has a sweet, refreshing flavor and is often used in drinks like mojitos, teas, and in various culinary dishes.


Known for its strong, sharp flavor, peppermint is widely used in confectionery, toothpaste, and as a digestive aid. It's more intense than spearmint.


Apple mint has a milder mint flavor with a hint of apple, and its leaves are often fuzzy. It's great in fruit salads and beverages.

Apple Mint

This variety has a scent and flavor reminiscent of chocolate and mint, making it popular for desserts and chocolate drinks.

Chocolate Mint

With a subtle pineapple flavor, this mint is not only tasty but also decorative, featuring variegated leaves that are green and white.

Pineapple Mint

This mint has a refreshing citrus flavor and is excellent for infusing in water, making herbal teas, or adding a lemony zest to dishes.

Lemon Mint

Similar to lemon mint, this variety has a citrusy, orange flavor. It's great in salads, desserts, and as a garnish for drinks.

Orange Mint

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