7 Ways To Enjoy The Outdoors (From Indoors)

Live Nature Cams

Websites like Explore.org offer live feeds from various natural settings. Watch animals in their natural habitats, from African wildlife to ocean views.

Indoor Gardening

Create a mini garden inside your home. Plant herbs, flowers, or even small vegetables. It's a great way to bring a piece of nature indoors.

Nature-Inspired Art and Craft

Engage in activities like painting landscapes, creating leaf prints, or making birdhouses. It's a fun way to connect with nature creatively.

Reading Nature Books

Dive into books about the outdoors, whether they are nature guides, adventure stories, or environmental literature.

Watching Documentaries

There are numerous nature and wildlife documentaries available on streaming services that can transport you to the great outdoors.

Bird Feeder

Watch birds come and go. It’s a simple pleasure but very connecting to the rhythm of nature.

Yoga Or Meditation

Practice yoga or meditation in a room with a view of the outdoors, or use a nature-themed virtual background.