8 Bedroom Plants To Help With Better Sleep

Snake Plant

Sansevieria, the snake plant, is beautiful, hardy, and unkillable in most light conditions. This makes it a good choice for bedrooms with little natural light.

 Spider Plant

The spider plant, another popular houseplant, made its mark in the 1970s. The popular plant purifies the air and is easy to care for.

Peace-Lily Plant

Peace lilies are an excellent alternative to flowers for your bedroom if you don't want to change the water or replace them.

A Pothos Plant

This trailing plant will look great in your bedroom whether you choose gilt, neon, or satin. Hang it from a plant hanger or let the vines trail from a tall shelf to create a lush paradise.

The Rubber Plant

Rubber plants can have deep green or white, green, and pinkish leaves. Their name comes from their milky sap, which includes latex used to make natural rubber. 

The Lavender Plant

You can grow lavender inside if you like its smell and relaxing effects. Use a small pot, well-draining soil, and monthly fertilization.

English Ivy

English Ivy is another lovely trailing plant for your bedroom. Fast-growing plants need regular pruning. Hang it from a curtain rod or let the vines trail from a shelf.

Calathea Grows

Calathea come in many varieties, making it difficult to choose one for your bedroom. Calathea have beautiful leaves and vivid purple undersides.