8 Best Natural Disaster Free Countries

Landlocked Botswana borders South Africa, Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. It experiences droughts and floods. It avoids catastrophic natural calamities.


Brunei lies in an active seismic zone, however earthquakes and volcanoes are rare.


Health and agriculture are most threatened by floods and droughts in Togo. However, natural calamities are still rare in West Africa.

Togo - 1.32% 

The small, landlocked nation has seen more droughts and floods in recent years while being largely secure from natural calamities.

Lesotho - 1.32% 

Floods and droughts are the biggest economic dangers in this East European nation.

Moldova - 1.30% 

Although you could experience a snowfall, Finland rarely experiences tornadoes or earthquakes.


Turkmenistan is prone to earthquakes due to its active seismic zone. Floods and landslides can result from heavy rainfall. It's mostly safe!


Sandstorms, called bruma seca, may occur on several islands. Also, severe rainfall during monsoon season can produce floods and landslides. It's paradisical nonetheless.

Cape Verde - 1.27% 

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