8 Design Trends From The 2023 Southern Living Idea House

The design features a welcome front porch and a pleasant back terrace. Materials and colors in indoor and outdoor spaces blend seamlessly.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

The property greets visitors with natural materials, setting the tone for the interior. This approach extends to the use of recycled fabrics and locally handcrafted furniture.

Natural Materials

Expansive hallways with high ceilings are balanced by smaller, more intimate gathering spaces within the home.

High Vaulted Ceilings

Incorporating vintage and antique items is a key aspect of the home's design, reflecting a sustainability approach and a nod to Southern tradition.

Vintage And Antique Pieces

The design features strong textures like linen, velvet, and leather, along with a warm, natural color palette.

Rich Textures And Colors

Light fixtures with graceful silhouettes add a distinctive touch to the interior design.

Light Fixtures

Durable decking and vintage furnishings increase longevity and lessen environmental effect.

Sustainability in Design

The home combines modern elements with the warmth and character of a traditional Tennessee farmhouse, showcasing a diverse mix of styles and materials.

Mix of Styles

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