8 Indoor Flowering Plants Even Beginners Can Keep Alive

Network Hoya Carnosa Krimson Queen

Rather than just producing trailing vines of stunningly variegated leaves like other houseplant hoyas, this variety is known for its clusters of flowers.

Quart Jubilation Gardenia

While often seen as larger shrubs framing a home's exterior, the Jubilation gardenia can also thrive in smaller indoor planters.

Red Amaryllis

These stunning flowers grow from bulbs sold in the fall. Put them in a bright spot—too little light causes them to flop over—and keep the soil evenly moist.

Farms Begonia Plant

More often seen outdoors, flowering begonias can also grow in indoor planters. We love hanging a basket of begonias in an empty corner to add color.

Pink Anthurium

The heart-shaped leaves and pretty red, pink, or white blooms of this plant make it a must-have.The modified leaf blooms bloom for two months. This strong plant blooms almost constantly.


Delicate-looking orchids are not as fragile as they appear. They'll bloom for months and can live for years with little care.


Bromeliads are fun and funky plants related to pineapples. The striking flower, or bract, is its calling card It needs lots of bright, indirect light  and water every one to two weeks..


The heart-shaped leaves and butterfly-like flowers of this charming plant add plenty of color to winter days. Cyclamen need bright, indirect light and prefer to stay slightly moist.