8 Modern Hallway Paint Colours Designers Swear By

Barbie Pink

Barbiecore is a fashion and interiors trend that won't go away for good cause. Choose a monochrome hallway split for a strong look. 

Cool-Toned Gray

Gray walls are timeless and chic thanks to their chameleon-like ability to blend with both modern and traditional decor.

Sage Green

Calming and nearly a neutral, cool sage green is an ideal hallway paint color. The shade won't distract from your other rooms, but it also gives a hallway character.

Pastel Blue

opt for a light gray-blue in your home to contrast with the rich wood stain and warm accent pieces. Pair it with a fun wallpaper trim for a pop of visual interest above the floorboards.

Jade Green

Jade green offers the best of both blue and green colors. It takes the soothing mood of blue and livens it up with the energy of green.

Sea Pearl

An off-white with cool gray undertones, subtly illuminated with green, suitable for pairing with crisp white doors or staircases.


A warm tone that reflects light well, making hallways appear brighter and wider, especially in spaces with artificial lighting.

Bright Yellow

Usually, hallways don't get much sun, so try yellow—a color that emanates warmth and light