8 Simple Weekend Home Improvement Projects

Create little pieces of art with stencils on white tiles. You can repeat at regular intervals for wallpaper or a few to spice up a tiled panel.

Bathroom Tile Stencil

A leftover roll of beautiful wallpaper can brighten up alcoves, nooks, or even a downstairs bathroom or toilet. Select a suitable wall and paste. 

Wallpaper A Small Area

Gallery walls are a terrific way to fill large walls or a specific place. Lay your favorite photos, images, and souvenirs on the floor to find the perfect arrangement and hang them. 

Gallery Walls

Swap the handles for slim, elegant bars, paint the legs, and add simple stripes or a vibrant stain to a plain wooden cabinet to make it stand out.

Transform A Cabinet

Painting a worn floor is a simple method to update it without replacing it. Create a chequerboard pattern by painting squares.

Floor Paint

Don't toss out tester pots when cleaning the garage. Use masking tape to create a pattern or shapes and paint all the rainbow colors.

Feature Wall

Build wall planters for houseplants and herbs to bring the outside in even in small spaces.

DIY Herb Planters

Start by using your finger to draw back a paintbrush bristles to speckle paint on a primed, white surface, let dry, then use a smaller brush to dab colored blobs in varying shapes and sizes to simulate terrazzo.

DIY Planters