8 Tips For Winter Skin Health

Home and work humidifiers add moisture to winter air. This keeps skin moisturized.


On a cold day, it may seem quite enticing to raise the temperature in your home, but resist this urge!


A five- to 10-minute lukewarm shower is better for your skin than a long, hot shower, which dries you out.


Use the correct cleanser. Since bar soaps lack moisturization, they might dry up your skin.


Always use cream-based cleansers in winter. If necessary, use toners and astringents sparingly.

Facial Care

Winter hands benefit most from moisturizing creams or ointments. Lotions function better in warmer weather.

Hand Care

Sunscreen may only be associated with beach days in summer. Winter sunlight can still penetrate the atmosphere.


Wool and other cold textiles can irritate skin. To avoid skin contact, wear softer undergarments first and then heavier winter layers.


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