9 Best Houseplants For A Spa Like Bathroom

Bloomscape Kangaroo Fern

Low-light tolerant and nontoxic to pets, the Kangaroo fern prefers the ample mist and humidity of the forest floor

Hey Rooted Boston Fern

A classic fern, the Boston appreciates a lot of mist and humidity—exactly like the bathroom after your lengthy evening shower.

Easy Plant Marble Pothos

Low-light cutie-pie pothos thrive in basement or windowless bathrooms. They're easy to care for and only need water when the soil is dry.

Bloomscape ZZ Plant

The drought-tolerant, practically indestructible ZZ plant is great for beginners in gardening. Properly cared for, this plant can reach three feet.

Lemon Lime Prayer Plant

Mimicking praying hands, this plant curls up at night.The unusual striped leaves prevent burned margins by loving low to bright indirect light and filtered water.

Claude Pilea Plant

The self-propagating Pilea Peperomioides thrives in tropical environments, making it the perfect bathroom plant candidate.

Costa Farms Majesty Palm

Majesty palms love humidity, so your bathroom is the perfect spot for them—so long as you have space for a bigger plant.

Bloomscape Hedgehog Aloe

The aloe plant is a low-key succulent that's perfect for a first houseplant owner or anyone with a busy lifestyle.

Costa Farms Snake

The snake plant, adored by beginners and plant pros alike for its beautiful appearance and easy care, can thrive in any humidity level and tolerate low or harsh indirect light.