9 Bold Front Door Colours For Bright Curb Appeal

This bright blue looks great on a white exterior or Dutch door. It will make neighbors and house searchers smile immediately.

Greek Isles

Freshen up your front door with this muted green paint from Valspar. The gray tone makes it understated and the green highlights the nature around the home.

Greenish Gray

This rich purple is best for Georgian architecture. These houses' roots go back to a style popular during the reigns of four British kings named George.

Exotic Purple

This citrusy color is best for a simple white cottage. A small dose of a daring hue, such as this surprising chartreuse tone, creates a dramatic look-at-me-now presence

Pale Avocado

This saturated shade is best for craftsman-style homes. Their blocky millwork and deep porches were historically associated with muted earth tones.


This pale pink is best on a blank canvas. This ballet pink takes center stage in this historical colonial-style home without competing with shutters


Bring your lawn's and garden's liveliness to your stoop with a burst of green on the doors.

Eco Green 

This traditional red is best for Tudors. Whether stone or stucco, big or small, these homes have a naturally imposing attitude.

Heritage Red 

A black door—like a little black dress—adds instant distinction to your home, whether a small cottage or a big manor.

Mopboard Black 

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