9 Popular Hairstyles From the '50s That Are Trending Today

1. Poodle cut

This hairdo, which used to be called a bubble cut but is now called pineapple hair, had short, tightly curled hair that looked like a poodle's coat.

2. Victory rolls

Victory rolls were iconic during WWII and can be seen in many '50s Hollywood films.

3. Bouffant

One of the most iconic of the '50s, the bouffant is derived from the French word for puffed-out.

4. The bee hive

The '50s were an era of wigs and volume. In both categories, nothing beats the bee hive.

5. Italian cut

This short, messy hairdo was inspired by Italian movie stars like Gina Lollobrigida and Sophia Loren. It has curls, like a poodle cut, but the curls aren't as tight.

6. Bobs

opular bob cut styles have since emerged, like the soft bob, which was wavy rather than curly, and the flipped bob, with its unmissable direction change.

7. Pixie cut

Gamine looks were boyish or elfish hairstyles that showed that women could still be feminine even with more useful cuts.

8. The pompadour

The hairstyle is the namesake of Madame (or Duchesse) de Pompadour, mistress of King Louis XV of France (1721 -1764).

9. Sophisticated waves

This style is also called glam waves, Hollywood waves, or Jessica Rabbit waves. To get it, you curl your hair away from your face and then brush it out to make it look free and wavy.

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