9 Small Patio Design And Landscaping Ideas From Designers

Focus On Scale

The seating, table, and fire pit are all properly sized to ensure the area doesn't feel overcrowded.

Select Patterned Tiles

If you don't have much wall or ground space for decor, make your patio stand out with patterned tiles

Mix Pavers And Grass

If you're working with a small backyard and don't have room for both a lawn and patio, combine the two with stone pavers separated by grass

Make It Nature-Inspired

Surround your patio with various elements found in nature—from potted plants and large trees to irregularly shaped stone pavers and a stone fireplace.

Play With Textures

Turn a small patio into a statement-making space with plenty of textures.Wicker furniture, patterned pillows, and a plush blanket complete the look.

Keep It Neutral

The soft colors creates a cozy feeling while the simple furniture makes it feel clean.

Sophisticated Look

On a sleek, modern patio, designer let chic materials stand out. Seating wrapped in upbeat blue fabric and a nook filled with firewood add flair.

Create A Cobbled Effect

Give any outdoor area European charm by introducing cobblestone-inspired flooring .Add climbing vines and loungers for a dreamy setup.

Elevate Seating

With floating sofas and hanging chairs, your patio will instantly feel more open and airy.

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