9 Types Of Lavender That Thrive In the South

Known for its distinct pineapple-shaped blooms and strong fragrance, Spanish lavender is particularly heat-tolerant.

Spanish Lavender

This variety has toothed leaves and a more subtle scent. It's drought-resistant and thrives in hot climates.

French Lavender

A classic lavender, this type is valued for its sweet fragrance and is often used in culinary preparations. It can handle humid conditions better than some other types.

English Lavender

This type has unique, finely divided leaves and a somewhat different appearance from traditional lavenders.

Fernleaf Lavender

As the name suggests, it has a sweet, mild fragrance and is heat-tolerant.

Sweet Lavender

This variety has woolly leaves and is known for its ability to thrive in hot, dry climates.

Woolly Lavender

A hybrid type, Anouk lavender is recognized by its dark purple flowers and tolerance for hot weather.

Anouk Lavender

This is a popular variety for producing lavender oil, known for its large size and long-lasting scent.

Grosso Lavender

It is a heat- and cold-tolerant hybrid of English and Portuguese lavender, making it ideal for southern areas.

Phenomenal Lavender

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