Alien-Looking Landscapes You Won't Believe Are Found On Earth

Wadi Rum, Jordan

It may look like you're on Mars, but this Jordanian desert is very much real.Also known as the Valley of the Moon, Wadi Rum is a valley cut into sandstone and granite rock.

Jökulsárlón, Iceland

The colors of this glacial lake are nothing like what you normally see on Earth.Its frozen beach with black volcanic sands provides the perfect contrast for the chunks of ice that wash ashore.

Spotted Lake, Canada

Found in British Columbia, the "spots" in this lake are caused by minerals in the water.

Antelope Canyon, USA

This formation is the result of erosion of sandstone by water, hence its flowing shapes

Fly Geyser, USA

Located near Black Rock Desert in Nevada, this crazy-looking formation was formed when a geothermic company drilled on this site and then left it to abandonment.

Vajolet Towers, Italy

Located in Val di Fassa in the Dolomites, the Vajolet Towers are comprised of six summits.

Peyto Glacier, Canada

Located in the Canadian Rockies in Banff National Park, the lake's turquoise appearance is almost Neptune-like.