Amazing Lakes Frozen In Winter

When Lake Michigan is frozen in winter, Chicago's spectacular skyline is highlighted.

Lake Michigan, USA 

Synevyr Lake, the largest Ukrainian Carpathian lake, sparkles under snow and ice. The lake is a Synevyr National Nature Park gem.

Synevyr Lake, Ukraine 

This big glacier lake in southern Vatnajökull National Park freezes from early January to early May–June.

Jökulsárlón, Iceland 

Abraham Lake in the Canadian Rockies, Alberta's largest reservoir, traps methane that freezes into bubbles in winter.

Abraham Lake, Canada 

The Blue Pond, a small man-made lake in Biei, Hokkaido, is known for its azure waters, which are most vivid in winter when the pond is frozen.

Blue Pond, Japan 

The southern Polish lake Morskie Oko means "Eye of the Sea" in English, yet it is deep in the Tatra National Park in the High Tatras.

Morskie Oko, Poland 

Belmeken is a dam in Rila National Park. It's the highest reservoir in the Balkan peninsula, therefore winter temperatures drop, leaving the lake covered in ice.

Belmeken Lake, Bulgaria 

The winter view of Frozen Lake Shōji against Mount Fuji is breathtaking as the sun rises over Japan's highest mountain.

Lake Shōji, Japan 

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