Baskin-Robbins' Newest Ice Cream Flavor Tastes Like Chicken

Restaurant franchises that innovated gave us many of our most famous foods. Try Taco Bell's Doritos Locos Taco or McDonald's bright green Shamrock

But Baskin-Robbins' latest ice cream flavor is so unexpected that the brand advises people not to "bock it 'til you try it." New Chick'n & Waffles 

Unlike a traditional chicken and waffles dish, Baskin-Robbins' delicious new version has no chicken.

"No meat?" No issue. This ice cream tastes like fried chicken but contains no real chicken and is 100% delicious "The firm declared in a press.

Buttermilk waffle ice cream with "crispy chick'n and waffle bites" and bourbon maple syrup swirl is the new product.

When we saw the growing popularity of Chicken & Waffles on menus, we knew we had to create a bold flavor that would change the way our 

guests enjoy Chick'n & Waffles "Hannah Suits, Baskin-Robbins' director of brand marketing. This flavor is a frozen take on the classic brunch fare

Those interested in New York City on March 7 can experience the new flavor for free. First-ever Baskin-Robbins Bottomless Brunch at 1225 1st Ave.

The company will release a Get Egg-cited Cake on March 26 for Easter. Through April 9,

the pastel-colored ice cream cake is topped with a "special fault line icing technique" to look like a cracked egg.

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