Best Plants For Pots All Year Round – 7 Standout Varieties

Hebes are delightful, compact evergreen shrubs that grow perfectly in pots.The plants will yield beautiful flowers in shades of pink, purple or white that are beloved by pollinators.


Pieris japonica is such a great container plant, and its beautiful branches naturally droop over the sides of containers

Pieris Japonica

Herbs are some of the best plants for pots all year round as you can move them around as needed and place them in easy-to-access areas


Bonsai is an artform, and the trees will require regular pruning to keep them to the desired shape and size

Bonsai Trees

The Golden Sword yucca is an amazingly versatile and hardy plant. Though it thrives in a sunny spot in the garden, the small evergreen shrub also tolerates shade.

Golden Sword Yucca

Olive trees are actually extremely hardy – surviving in temperatures as low as 14°F (-10°c). On a frosty morning they look incredible

Olive Trees

Compact and low-growing, the plants don't dominate containers, and their green, silver, red, and purple foliage gently trails over the sides.


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