Bizarre Cocktail Ingredients From Around The World

You are surely familiar with the phrase "on the rocks." Well, a technique invented in the 1950s used porous pebbles to prepare cocktails.

Porous Pebbles

Yes, this is an explosive ingredient! Gunpowder is not included to cocktails, rather the smoke is utilized to infuse them. 

Gunpowder (smoke)

If you enjoy the taste of the ocean, you will love this cocktail component. After all, it's sort of like eating liquid sushi, right?

Sea Urchins 

This unusual component is used in a cocktail called Bone Dry Martini.

Chicken Bones 

Everything tastes better with bacon, right? Naturally, this includes beverages. A cocktail named Eggs and Bacon, for example, uses bacon-infused gin.


In recent years, there has been an increase in the use of seaweed in various foods and beverages. Cocktails are no exception. 


There are a few drinks with gold flakes on the market. Indeed, gold can make any cocktail appear opulent.


Yes, everyone enjoys pizza, but as a cocktail ingredient? Yes. In reality, there are very few drinks that incorporate the renowned meal. For example, the Margherita features gin infused with pizza crust.