Blunt Haircut Ideas To Wear In 2023

Curled Under Blunt Bob

The blunt bob is best evident in straight hair that has been blow-dried to curl under and look like the first-generation pageboy. Usually chin-length, it flatters many face forms.

Razored Blunt Bob

This look works best on straight hair and committed wearers. The appearance flatters oval faces and triangular and square chins when perfectly ironed.

Rounded Blunt Bob

If you have thick or wavy hair, blunt bobs with a slightly rounded bottom are a good choice. The blunt rounded bob has a uniform length but increased volume towards the chin.

Razored Blunt Bob with BangsRounded Blunt Bob

How does a blunt bob become more trendy? Of course, blunt bangs! Razored bangs can't be worn any other way, therefore they add confidence to your style.

Wavy Blunt Bob

Wavy blunt bobs are romantic and hopeful, with Old World charm. The wavy bob is perfect for natural waves or fine, thinning hair because it's more relaxed and forgiving.

Curly Blunt Bob

Blunt bobs appear feminine and childlike on curly and natural-textured women (think baby angels!). Your texture makes it a standout look that's playful and easy to style.

Wavy Blunt Bob with Bangs

The razored bang is more consciously fashioned, while this version is for low-key fashionistas who desire a more democratic fringe.

Blunt Bob and Bang

Straight lines, incredibly even ends, and a bang instantly make this cut edgy. For a softer look, try this look with a pretty outfit and highly feminine makeup.

Blunt Mushroom Haircut

We're love with mushroom hairstyles lately, and this one's light and airy aesthetic is no exception. This hairstyle is perfect for folks who prefer easy upkeep and styling.

Short Blunt Cut Hair with Center Part

For ladies with oblong or oval faces, center portions work best. However, short haircuts that hit below the ear are preferable for round face shapes to contrast. 

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