Building A Life In The 5 Best States To Live In

One of the most important things to think about when choosing the best states to live in is the quality of life. It includes many things, like having access to health care, education, safety, and general well-being. 

These things, along with life expectancy, obesity rates, air quality, and the availability of gender-affirming care, are used by U.S. News to rank the quality of life in each state.

#1: Utah

As one of the most livable states in the U.S., Utah ranks first in the overall quality of life according to U.S.News Rankings. Utah boasts an exceptional education system, a wealth of outdoor activities, and strong economic growth.

#2: Washington State

Washington is great for people who want to do a lot of different things and live in a cheap place. Washington has a lot of outdoor sports, like boating, fishing, swimming, and sailing.

#3: Idaho

Idaho's natural beauty, affordable housing, and quality of life make it an excellent place to live. The state has some of the best views in the US in the Rocky Mountains.

#4: Nebraska

Nebraska is an excellent state to live in for its friendly communities, low cost of living, and abundance of recreational opportunities.

#5: Minnesota

Minnesota is an excellent state to live in for its natural beauty, vibrant culture, and high quality of life.

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