Burger King Testing 2 Unique Chicken Fries

The Whopper's home is testing two experimental fries that are unlike anything the business has ever served. Burger King will try a new snack 

menu called "Fries, Your Way." The improved fries will be tested at Columbus, Ohio Burger King restaurants from February 13 to mid-May.

The "Fries, Your Way" menu will include Burger King's Chicken Fries and two new options: Churro and Mozzarella. The Churro Fries, tiny strips of 

fried pastry dough dusted in cinnamon sugar, sound like KFC's funnel cake fries from last year.

Breaded, fry-shaped mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce called Mozzarella Fries. All three fry options will come in four-, eight-, and 12-piece quantities.

Burger King sees snacking as a developing category that customers want, thus it offers more snack products than entire meals with burgers, fries, and a drink.

Burger King launched the $400 million "Reclaim the Flame" campaign last year to improve its reputation.

It was part of the push to revive "Have It Your Way." The new fries that can be a snack, dinner, or dessert suit this category.

Online reactions to the new fries have been mainly complimentary, but others questioned if they are "new" at all. On the r/fastfood Subreddit, 

one person asked: "Aren't churro fries just normal churros?" and was immediately replied: "Also the mozzarella fries are just the normal mozzarella

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