Coca-Cola Is Launching a New Mystery Flavor Next Week

Coca-Cola has released innovative (and often odd) soda tastes, from green tea-flavored Coke in Japan in 2009

to coffee-infused cola in the US in 2021. The brand's next flavor may be its oddest and most mysterious.

CNN says that Coca-Cola will release a League of Legends-inspired limited-edition flavor next week. The flavor of Coca-Cola Ultimate is unknown since the business

Coca-Cola has only said the drink will taste like "experience points," which League of Legends players acquire by playing. 

This gamer-targeted drink, designed with Riot Games, will launch in US and Canadian retailers on June 12 for a limited time. Coca-Cola is also launching a zero-calorie

Coca-Cola Ultimate will be the next in a series of limited-edition mystery flavors called Coca-Cola Creations that are more abstract than cherry and vanilla.

The series began in early 2022 with Starlight, inspired by the "infinite possibilities of space" and offering a "cooling taste sensation."

Besides releasing Byte and Dreamworld flavors, Coca-Cola has collaborated with Marshmello and Rosalía for limited edition drinks.

"Testing the boundaries of what consumers want to engage with and the degree with which they engage with it, all in the service of continuing

"They are not designed to be variants that will last forever, but they are more engaging and interesting than a flavor, like Coke with vanilla."

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