Costco Just Outlined These 6 Changes to Its Mobile App

Aside from the inexpensive gas and $1.50 hot dog + Coke combo, Costco membership is appealing for its constant daily discounts. has a web presence, but it doesn't entice members like bulk-sized supermarket products from their large shelves.

The retailer's Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti said in an earnings call with investors that the company is "sometimes late to the game"

on mobile and digital shopping capabilities, and shoppers agree. Some complain the chain's app is old, slow, and buggy.

The Costco app will undergo various updates. Galanti highlighted all the enhancements, many of which will help 

members shop in-store. See all you need to know before opening the app. Did you hear Costco is opening 20+ stores in 2022?

Costco removed the app's header and footer, changing the phone screen's appearance. Click Daily Deals, Gift Baskets, Same Day, and other trending

categories at the top right below the search box and move between Home, Savings, Card, Warehouse, and Menu pages on the bottom.

Members can now browse departments, services, membership info, and other topics on a grid with little graphics instead of a large list.

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