Costco Shoppers Shocked By the Price Of New Lunch Item

Costco buyers love new products, but the latest packed lunch item is getting mixed reviews for one main reason: the price.

Southwest Wraps with bright red exteriors are this contentious new dish. In a video this week, Costco Hot Finds Instagrammer Laura

Lamb said that the wraps contain rotisserie chicken, black beans, corn, and spinach. A "chipotle-like sauce" tastes "fantastic," she added.

Other Costco buyers who commented on the page were upset about the wraps' price. Each box contains two half-wraps and a cup of dipping 

sauce. The $16.99 package Lamb got may vary by area. A Centerville, Ohio Costco member spent $17.89 for the wraps.

Lamb's comments section had several complaints like these. Customers have also complained about the price on Costco's Reddit page.

"Premade things seems great, but the price terrifies me. It doesn't seem as expensive as other Costco products "Redditor commented on the wraps this week.

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Customers were divided on the chicken-stuffed wraps' taste. Customers who commented on Lamb's post praised the new meal.

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