Don't Make These Eight Entryway Decor Mistakes

Ignoring The Space

A common mistake is selecting furniture and decor that is either too large or too small for the entryway, making the space feel disproportionate.

Focal Point

The entryway should have a focal point, like a statement piece of art or a unique piece of furniture, to draw attention and set the tone for your home.

Insufficient Lighting

Poor lighting can make your entryway feel unwelcoming. It's important to have a well-lit entryway, possibly with a mix of overhead and accent lighting.

Overcrowding The Space

Avoid cluttering the entryway with too many items. This space should feel open and inviting, not cramped and cluttered.

Storage Solutions

Entryways often become dumping grounds for shoes, coats, and other items. Incorporating clever storage solutions can keep the space tidy and functional.

Ignoring The Floor

The right rug or floor mat can not only add style but also protect your floors from dirt and moisture tracked in from outside.

Forgetting Personal Touches

While it's important to keep clutter at bay, the entryway should still reflect your personal style through artwork, photos, or decorative pieces.

Lack Of Seating

If space allows, including a bench or chair can be practical for putting on shoes and adds an inviting element to the entryway.

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