Effective Learning At Any Age

It is well known that youngsters learn faster than adults. Young individuals pick up new hobbies faster than adults.

Young Brains

After 12, our ability to learn decreases. People who desire to master a new skill after 12 can still do so.


In January 2021, American journalist Tom Vanderbilt published ‘Beginners,’ a guide to adult learning.


The book mixes skill development science with Vanderbilt's lessons from a year of singing, juggling, and surfing.

Top Tips

The book's first and most crucial tip is to have a “beginner's mindset.” Adults learning a new skill shouldn't strive for perfection.

Beginner's Mind

Another key to excellent learning is learning from mistakes. It may seem obvious, but we often overlook the necessity of action analysis.

Learn From Mistakes

Psychologists term this "deliberate practice." Practice without it may be pointless.

Practice Deliberately

You should also vary your practice. This Vanderbilt tip is less obvious than deliberate practice but nonetheless crucial.

The Value Of Variety

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