Eight Ways To Eat French Fries

Poutine is to Quebec what chorrillana is to Chile. Fried eggs, caramelized onions, and sliced beef top a pile of fresh fries.


The ideal comfort food is French fries, cheese curds (preferably squeaky), and brown gravy!


Skip the hash browns. Breakfast poutine is a tasty and filling way to dress up Sunday brunch!

Breakfast Poutine

Why not put fries in your hot dog instead of purchasing them separately? The Belgian “mitraillette” is a machine gun.

Hot Dog Merguez

Replace regular corn chips with crispy French fries for a completely different kind of nacho!

French-Fried Nachos

Instead of using a regular crust, build your next pizza on a bed of fries. You will need a fork and knife to eat, however!

The Pizza Crust

Wendy's fries dipped in milkshakes are its signature dish, however their origin is unknown!

Fries-Milkshake Combo

Tempura coatings go well with more than just shrimp. Coconut flakes give tempura a surprise twist!

Coconut Tempura Fries